ഈ Valentine’s Day വളരെ വ്യത്യസ്തമായി ആഘോഷിക്കാം…..

7 ദിവസത്തെ രസകരമായ  

#lovelife_challenge ലൂടെ…..


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This valentine’s day, celebrate your love uniquely with happlyf’s 7 days #lovelife_challenge!

Each romantic relationship is different and so is your love for each other – special and one of a kind. We all have our own stories of how we met, the dating life, the special moments, the day you realised your love for each other, the little quirks, misfits, the perfectly imperfect stuff and there are some who are just starting and building on these as they take the journey together. No matter at what stage you are with your love life journey, a committed relationship takes effort, from all sides. To be in a relationship is a continuous and conscious process that requires effort and time from both the partners. And hence spending time together, having fun, doing activities together, communication, having difficult uncomfortable conversations, being genuine and opening up at all levels are important.

The best way to achieve this is through spending time with each other. This can be done through activities that are simple and time saving, which essentially will assist you in connecting with each other. Below are the different activities that both of you and your significant other could follow through to build up on your love life this valentine’s day and for forever. The activities listed with our 7 day challenge are easy, simple yet exciting as well as help you in building stronger relationships together. 

What is the challenge?

The #lovelife_challenge is a 7 day challenge, whereby you and your loved one would be gearing up to take on one new activity each day – activities that are simple and providing you an opportunity to explore and know more about each other – to give new routines and fun to your romantic partnership. The challenge will be opening up new ways of connection, communication, team work, learning to listen, spending quality time with one another along with enjoying these activities and never forgetting to have fun along the way. 

Why this challenge?

Recently a study on love and relationship satisfaction between dating and married couples revealed that the love, relationship satisfaction, intimacy and passion have significantly reduced in the post lockdown period compared with pre lockdown time (Ahuja & Khurana, 2021). Apart from this, recent changes in our lifestyle – professional, personal and social lives, due to the fast paced changes we had to go through globally, has inarguably impacted the quality of our lives. With a vision to cope with these shifts as well as to redefine and being open to meet the significant others through new ways, happlyf here has introduced the 7 day challenge – #lovelife_challenge. Thus taking part in these fun filled games and relationship building activities can be a new step towards connecting and keeping love between you alive.