About us


HAPPLYF is a wellness platform to help you gain lifeskills that will bring progress and wellbeing into your life. Learn skills like confidence, decision making, goal setting, parenting, personal finance etc from our experts through high quality recorded sessions. Build these skills through practical knowledge passed on to you along with engaging activities and reading materials.


A world with responsible, self-aware, healthy individuals


To build an organisation focused on learning, growth and research which will fundamentally help in improving the quality of life we are able to reach. An organisation where every member of the team is given the opportunity and support to excel and continually outperform themselves. An organisation whose services and products impact millions in a positive light and inspire them to live a better life.


Junaid KP


A chartered accountant by profession, Junaid has been in the entrepreneurship domain for the past 5 years. He also had a successful teaching career before turning into entrepreneurship. An avid reader, Junaid welcomes ideas of different kind from the team and takes an active role in the research and development process in Happlyf.


Azeez Ek


A passionate civil engineer turned entrepreneur, Azeez EK is the life and blood of operations at Happlyf. He is also the founder of D3 architecture, an architecture firm based in Malappuram, Kerala which was founded 10 years back and successfully dominating the space till date. All those experiences founding and managing an organisation comes in handy when managing the operations of Happlyf. He is a husband and father of two kids and is passionate about soccer, design, technology and traveling.

Ramzan Hamza

HR & Finance Head

Ramzan is a finance professional who has six years of experience in the fast-paced financial industry. Having led and managed different teams under him, he is a social person showing deep interest in building a healthy organisation culture and having meaningful interpersonal relations. He handles finance and Human resource management at Happlyf successfully pooling the best talents and help us manage our finances.

Nabeel N

Marketing and sales head

Nabeel N is an experienced marketing professional who has 7+ Years’ experience in Sales and Marketing. He has successfully expanded market share of companies he worked with through strategic sales initiatives and handled the creative direction of many marketing campaigns through meticulous business planning and effective social media marketing. He handles marketing and sales at Happlyf and plays an integral role in building trust and connection with our customers through various initiatives.

Kripa Manoj

Content Creator

Kripa Manoj is a psychology postgraduate from Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) who has the role of content creator at Happlyf. Kripa uses her creativity and counselling and academic experience to craft the best contents for our users. Dive into our blog or e book section to see her magic worked out with words. She has in depth knowledge in the subjects she chooses to write and does her research well to deliver you the most authentic and trustworthy contents.


Nincy Mariam Mondly


Nincy Mariam Mondly is a passionate educator who blends her professional knowledge in psychology with her inborn creativity so as to help people discover a better version of themselves. A paraplegic for the past 8 years, she is also an artist who speaks loudly of resilience and willpower. She presides over curriculum development and conducting sessions in Happlyf Wellness.


Tutesy A S


Tutesy A S is a driven and empathetic HR professional with more than 6+ years of industry experience, where she has successfully executed and supported critical HR initiatives & strategies to drive efficiency and efficacy across company operations. She also holds a postgraduate degree in psychology, where she is knowledgeable in conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations, handling professional individual and group training programs on Behaviour modification, Business psychology, Interpersonal & Communication skills etc. She is compassionate with a strong desire to support people to achieve their career goals.